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Brain Injuries in Hawaii

William Lawson, one of the best Personal Injury Attorneys in Hawaii, provides free consultations to evaluate brain injury and spinal cord injury cases. Most cases are handled on a contingency fee, so "No recovery--No fee." This means that if Mr. Lawson, an experienced HI injury attorney , agrees to handle your case, that it will most likely be on a contingency fee, and there will be no attorneys' fees charged unless we win.

Here at Brain Injury Lawyer Hawaii, we are dedicated to helping the victims of these injuries and their families get back on their feet again. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured, we'll help you get your life back together again. William H. Lawson is a graduate of Stanford Law School (1977) and has practiced law in Hawaii ever since. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Association for Justice, a group of personal injury trial lawyers formerly known as the Consumer Lawyers of Hawaii. Mr. Lawson is an experienced accident attorney who concentrates in handling serious personal injury and death claims—claims for injuries arising out of the wrongful conduct of others- and has done so for over 25 years. His practice has concentrated in helping clients and/or their families recover their lives back after severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and head injury, spinal cord injury (SCI), other catastrophic accidents, and other serious injuries. For more information about Mr. Lawson and the firm's background- please visit: About Hawaii Attorney Wm Lawson.

After an accident it is usually very important Hawaii graphic (from the point of view of making a claim) to preserve whatever evidence is available regarding the accident. This usually involves keeping, saving, storing and preserving whatever evidence it is possible to keep, save, store or preserve and photographing and/or videotaping all evidence that may for some reason be perishable or subject to change. It also involves locating and interviewing witnesses to the accident and others who may be familiar with the conditions which gave rise to the accident before memories fade or other reasons intervene to prevent the collection of this information. To examine these issues more closely, please visit the following page:
Inital Steps in Making Your Claim

Two sister sites to this site address many of the types of accidents which can give rise to a brain injury claim. Since a number of considerations (such as the date for filing a claim) typically depend upon the type of accident involved, visiting these sites will provide further information for most personal injury claims in Hawaii. Motor vehicle accidents such as car, bus, truck, motorcycle, moped, auto and pedestrian accidents and drunk driver accidents are handled on the sister site Car Accident Attorney Hawaii. Other types of accidents- such as defective product liability claims, ocean and boating accidents and collisions, including Jones Act cases and maritime law, construction site and heavy equipment accidents, recreational accidents, elevator and escalator accidents, explosion accidents, electrical accidents, bad faith insurance claims, medical & professional malpractice, dog bites and animal attacks, and fall accidents (such as slip and fall and trip and fall accidents) are addressed on another sister site Accident Lawyer Hawaii- Attorney Wm Lawson. Please visit these sites at your convenience.

Every type of claim has a deadline for filing the claim in court. These differ from state to state- the deadlines given on this website are those applicable in the state of Hawaii- since Brain Injury Lawyer Hawaii is located in Hawaii. This type of deadline is known as the Statute of Limitations. After the expiration of this time period, the claim usually will be lost- regardless of its merits. There are various exceptions to the deadlines (minority, incompetency, etc.), so it may still be worth evaluating a claim even after the deadline has expired. Please note that because of these deadlines, you must act promptly to contact Brain Injury Attorney Hawaii on any claims which you may wish to pursue.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, Contact William H. Lawson now for a free evaluation of your case.

Here are some organizations of interest to those who have suffered a severe injury:

BIAA The Brain Injury Association of America's listing of brain injury resources nationwide.

TBI support groups and forums's online patient support group and forums for brain injury and neurology.

Spinal Cord Injuries's website - information and resources for living well after SCI

National Library of Medicine National Library of Medicine's website - the world's largest medical library

National Institute Of Health National Institute Of Health's website - medical research and health information

New England Journal Of Medicine New England Journal Of Medicine's website - new medical research findings, articles, and editorials

MedBioWorld MedBioWorld's listing of online medical and bioscience dictionaries, glosssaries and terminologies



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